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Aguiam Portugal Wedding Photography

Glória Aguiam, the founder of the company, initiated her activity 20 years ago. However, ever since her early age, she developed her taste for photography, having done countless exhibitions about diverse themes. Nothing would have predicted that she would fall in love with Portugal wedding photography until the day she was invited to photograph one. The idea of being part of the most important day for two people, and of portraying the strong feelings related to that day, made Glória abandon her profession in a video producer, and dive head and soul into a new project: wedding photography Portugal!

We are a strong team of Wedding photographers In Portugal

Naturally, things evolved throughout time, and right now we are a strong team of wedding photographers Portugal, who are extremely professional and completely in love with wedding photography. We want our couples to have photos they could only dream of, in which they can almost reach the emotions captured with their fingertips. We focus on the feelings and emotions without ever losing our style of photojournalism. We photograph reality with a spike of magic to heighten the senses.

Wedding Photography Portugal

We are so lucky to live in Portugal, a beautiful country which is frequently sought out as a wedding destination. We find the fact that people leave their own country to get married here to be quite curious.  However we do perfectly understand the reasons of their choice; be it the culture, the irresistible food, the fabulous weather, historic locations with outstanding wedding venues in Portugal or the extraordinary landscape that we have, Portugal wedding destination is in fact the ideal place to host a wedding.

Consequently, we have ended up becoming specialized in what you call “Destination Wedding”. We know our country very well and are always excited to explore what it has of best to offer, this in turn becomes quite visible in the pictures we take. Therefore, we will always offer a detailed photographic report of your wedding destination Portugal, which will forever transmit the emotion of the day in a laid back, intimist manner, and with a tasteful and experienced eye for photography. We arrive at your important day with body and soul, and we deliver ourselves with an open heart, eyes wide open, and our camera on hand ready to capture the essence of Love.

This is what we do, and we love it!

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