Loren & Gray Engagement Session in Sintra

An Engagement Session in Sintra

By Aguiam Wedding Photography

Loren and Gray engagement session in Sintra is fun, charming, romantic, inspiring and definitely windy 😉 We mentioned in a previous post that we would share the Photo Shoot of this gorgeous couple. Here they are! So, in early 2019 they were in Portugal for a visit and to finalize the last decisions as they chose to have a Destination Wedding and living in the US, isn’t easy at all. Fortunately at Penha Longa they are very efficient and their Wedding Planner – Lisbon Wedding Planner – very professional, everything is made very easy for them. Since they came to Portugal we would gather the opportunity of making a pre wedding session with them. They really wanted this, and so did we! Sintra was the background. Wandering through Sintra’s old part of the town and mingle between the locals. Visiting the iconic and historical Palácio de Seteais where one can image how would it be in the 18th century. Going to a breathtaking view at the very top of Praia da Ursa and finalizing at the  westernmost point (and windy, for sure!) of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. This was a huge plan that we manage to complete and even Loren and Gray had time to change outfits several times! What a team work! We don’t have to rush it and run like crazy people from one point to the other in other to capture as many places as we can. It is very tiring for all of us. But if everything is well coordinated, using only one car, we can’t promise you all the places but at least the “easy to park the car” location and the less crowded are the always the winners. This means you will have time to have fun, enjoy and spend some great time with your partner while we are photographing you 🙂



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