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We are a team of Portugal Wedding Photographers, a team made of friends who are a family. With a passion in common, wedding photography. Committed from the beginning till the end. We will always offer a detailed wedding photography report of your wedding in Portugal. Working from Portugal from the center, Aguiam wedding photographer in Lisbon will go till the end of the world to capture magic and love stories.

We are proud say that we absolutely love photographing weddings. We could be so many things in photography but this is what we chose to do in our lives. To be part of such an important day in peoples lives is the greatest gift we can have. And to receive the feedback, makes us feel very special and touched. We as a team of professional photographers in Lisbon, we have the privilege to photograph any kind of wedding: Indian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Nigerian, Gay, and even when they are only symbolic etc, you name it. What matters is that love is the link that puts a couple together and wanting to share a live time of experience, trust and respect. And throughout the years we have been blessed by watching families grow. It is beautiful and rewarding.

In a laid back, intimist manner, and with a tasteful and experienced eye for wedding photography in Portugal. In our Real Weddings Blog you can enchant yourself with all the loves stories of wedding destinations, wedding elopements in Portugal and engagement destinations. Be assured that we arrive at your special and unique day with body and soul, and we deliver ourselves with an open heart, eyes wide open, and our camera on hand. Ready to capture the essence of Love in our beautiful country Portugal wedding destination. Elopement wedding photography in Portugal is also one of our greatest passions and for us to be a part of such an intimate and special moment makes us even more thrilled to hold our cameras and to make these days last forever. Talking about photographing just the two of you, we shouldn’t forget the important role of the engagement session. This is the ideal moment where you meet one of the wedding photographers present in your big day. Having this you will have the opportunity to gain trust and ease so that on your wedding day all goes smoothly. On top of all of this, you should trust our work. We are professionals, working in exclusive in photography. We are professional photographers. Our team has more than 10 years of experience and this studio has more than 20 so I guess we know what we are doing and we must say and modesty aside,we do it very well 🙂

We are a very experienced Lisbon wedding photographers, the best team of Portugal Wedding photographers. This is what we do, and we love it!

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